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Stocking Up for Christmas

What a blast last night at Boomers Music with Two complete Craviotto kits and around thirty Craviotto, DW, Spaun, C&c, Pork Pie, Pearl, DDRUM, DW, Getsch, Mapex, BSX, Tama, Peace, and percussion Plus snares and kits surrounding the band. Not to mention the 100 watt ORANGE class A tube head, Mesa boogie, Hartke, Gretch, Jackson, Rocktron, Vox, Mackie, Peavey, Shure, Cerwin vega, Casio, yamaha, and on. !!!


Let me know what you want for Christmas and you will get deals from Boomer’s 

that would be difficult if not impossible to match!

Boomer’s Music can ship anywhere in United States.

No charge Layaway til Christmas Eve!

Orange Amplifiers


Craviotto Drum Kits


Guitars, Hartke, Orange, and Much Much More!