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At Boomer’s Music we carry only the best in Sound, Audio and Amplifications Systems! If you need microphones, speakers, amplifiers, mixers, stands, or sound effect equipment, we’ve got you covered.

We carry top brands like Orange Amplification, Peavey, Samson, Hartke , Kustom and much more.  Our customers get the best Amps, Speakers, and Sound Equipment and accessories available.

Whether you like Country Music, Rock N Roll, Classical, or Pop, Boomer’s Music is your one stop shop for all you music and audio needs.

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 Boomer's Music Avlex  Boomer's Music Hartke  Boomer's Music Kustom Speakers
 Boomer's Music Orange Amplifiers 200x200  Boomer's Music Peavy 200x200  Boomer's Music RockTron 200x200
 Boomer's Music Samson 200x200  Boomer's Music Zoom 200x200

Boomer’s music is located in Columbia, Tennessee just south of Spring Hill.


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