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Boomer’s Music offers a variety of drums, including new and used (when in stock) DW Drums, Pork Pie, Gretsch, Basix, Pearl, Spaun, Yamaha, Ddrum, Mapex, and Peace.

Our new string instrument brands include Cort, Dean, AXL, Daisy Rock, Takamine Jasmine, Washburn, Jay Turser, Savannah, Johnson, Recording King, Luna, and Oscar Schmidt . We are able to obtain a number of recording and live sound products, as well as guitar and bass amps. Our selection of what is in stock varies. The majority of our products are brand new with full manufacturer’s warranty (used equipment excluded).

Our knowledgeable and friendly staff will help you find the right musical equipment to fit your needs. We happily provide after-sale services, should they be necessary. We also offer music lessons (guitar, bass, banjo, and drum), instrument repair (excluding band instruments), and amp repair at our music store in Columbia, Tennessee.



 Boomer's Music Basix  Boomer's Music Cravioto  Boomer's Music ddrum
Boomer's Music Mapex Boomer's Music Pearl Boomer's Music Peace
Boomer's Music Dream


Boomer's Music Luna Guitars Boomer's Music Axl Guitars Boomer's Music Cort Guitars
 Boomer's Music Daisy Rock Girl Guitars  Boomer's Music Dean Guitars  Boomer's Music Gretsch Guitars
 Boomer's Music Jasmine by Takamine Guitars  Boomer's Music Jay Turner Guitars Acoustic, Electric, Basses, Hollowbodies  Boomer's Music Johnson Guitars


 Boomer's Music Avlex  Boomer's Music Hartke  Boomer's Music Kustom Speakers
 Boomer's Music Orange Amplifiers 200x200  Boomer's Music Peavy 200x200  Boomer's Music RockTron 200x200
 Boomer's Music Samson 200x200  Boomer's Music Zoom 200x200

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