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Eagles Tribute Band – On the Border

Well I can take the “EAGLES” off my bucket list of rock bands to see live–kind of. Thanks to a backstage Pass I was behind the drummer for an Eagles tribute band “ON THE BORDER”. I could not tell the difference! Great hang with the guys after the show, made some hopefully long term friendships. They played outside on the square for the Southern Fried Festival. My gosh, I love great musicians that are also super great human beings. I was even permitted to have a drum student of mine(Caitlin) that I have known for over nine years to sit with me, we had lots of fun watching from behind the scenes. Also got a visit from one of my current talented drum students Hanna! Great people great show! Even visited with one of my friends of nearly 20 years and Millwright partner Mark! Thanks you guys for another Chapter of my Rock and Roll Fantasy. Will try and post some songs I taped with my phone.


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